Don’t bug Cap’n Dolphkill. He’s mean. So mean that something bad will probably happen to him…

If you didn’t see the post, I’ll be at HeroesCon this coming weekend! Come see me at Artist Alley Indie Island table 1123! I’ll be sitting with my bud Matt Wilson. My TFRS partner Buster Moody and JB Roe will be next door at table 1122.

Shillin time: I’ve been reading Takehiko Inoue’s Vagabond in the VizBig editions. It’s so good, everybody.


Believe it or not, back in the early ’00s, I was a teen! As such, I had TEEN pastimes, like working for my high school newspaper. It was actually a class at school and not work like “I have a career and earn money and spend that money at high end casinos and now I’m so in debt but it’s the only thrill I have in this empty life, god, why can’t I stop?!” work.

Anyway, as you may have put together, I was not a news desk editor or even a star reporter so much as the only staffer who really liked to draw. So of course I had my very own comic strip! It was called “Falky.” He was a talking falcon.

Flash forward to 2015 where I’m a big time comics pro and I do work (but not, like “I have enough money to get in trouble with the people who own casinos,” work). My school paper wanted to interview me! HERE IS A LINK TO THAT INTERVIEW!

Thanks Olathe South!

Pages coming soon, I promise!

Slothed in Space banner


Slothed in Space banner
Slothed in Space banner

BAD NEWS: I’ve been fuggin busy, man. I dunno if the third volume of Mermaid will be out in time for Planet Comicon, as per usual.

GOOD NEWS: I’ve got a ton of other stuff coming out. Holy smokes! And I’m drawing the first pages of M3rmaid: 3volution: 3volved this weekend and it’ll be out by summer probably!

Robot 6 was awesome and hit me up about the coming year. You can read the full blog here.

The long and short of it is Buster and I’s Task Force Rad Squad #3 is coming out in March, and we have a story in an upcoming issue of Dark Horse Presents called “Slothed in Space” (read a preview at R6) I’ve been writing shorts for IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures comic! I’ve got other stuff coming out this spring too, including a comic with George Schmitz for his band Stick to Your Guns. Also? I edited an awesome comic book anthology for Wacom called Pressure/Sensitivity with stories by Ming Doyle, Giannis Milonogiannis, Ben Sears, Meredith Gran, Mike Holmes, with a cover by Ulises Farinas and Ryan Hill! There’s other stuff too, but I can’t remember what it is because, man alive, that’s a lot of rad biz!

Anyway, sorry for the delay, but it will be worth it I promise. Thanks for reading, Mom!