Mermaid Evolution Revolution Volume 2 Cover

Yo – here’s the cover to Mermaid: Evolution: Revolution Volume 2.

It’s now available to download for pay-what-you-like on Gumroad, along with Mermaid: Evolution Volume 1. It’s the same material that’s on this site, so you can think of it as a tip jar if you want. Of course, it’s a .Zip file with a .PDF, a .CBR and a .CBZ, so it’s also a solid way to spend a buck or two if you’re so inclined.

Print copies will debut this weekend at Planet Comicon in Kansas City. I’ll be at table 943 with Buster Moody selling this biz, along with Task Force Rad Squad #2! Print copies will also be available on Bigcartel starting next week.



Planet Comicon Map Mermaid Evolution

Mermaid: Revolution – Page 23

Mermaid Evolution Revolution Vol. 2 Page 23


And so, Mermaid: Evolution Revolution Vol. 2 concludes (although I’ll post the cover before long). Don’t be sad. There’s still Vol. 3 on the way! It’ll be April at the earliest before those pages drop since I’ll be hitting Planet Comicon in Kansas City and Emerald City in Seattle this month and then C2E2 in Chicago at the end of April. I’ve got print copies on the way for this volume, and I’ll have a link to buy ‘em online before long, but in the meantime count on coming to these cons and saying “Hello! Give me these comics!” (please).

Task Force Rad Squad #2 will be available at all of these shows (and online) and hopefully so will a third book I’m currently drawing by C2E2.

OH — I’ll also be putting both volumes of Mermaid on Gumroad soon if you’d like to buy the comics in that sexy, DRM-free digital format.

Lastly, here is a link to an LBX model kit I bought this week. It’s a Vampire Cat robot. Hopefully it gets brought to America as part of Bandai’s new Sprukits line, but I couldn’t resist getting the import for now.

Mermaid: Revolution – Page 17

Mermaid Evolution Revolution Vol. 2 Page 17

Hey! I got to talk to Robot 6 this past week. Always an honor to chill on one of my favorite blogs.

Just a few months to go until Mermaid: Evolution Revolution Vol. 2 is out in print and available to b-b-buh-buh-BUY!

I’m still waiting on some details, but it looks like I’ll be tabling — along with my Task Force Rad Squad compadres Buster Moody and Ryan Hill — at a few cons in March, where we’ll be debuting a bunch of new comics.

Speaking of buying comics, you should preorder Down, Set, Fight: by buddy Chris Sims’ upcoming jam with co-writer Chad Bowers and artist Scott Kowalchuk from Oni Press. It’s pure dopeness. #nepotism


Mermaid: Revolution – Page 16


This is the first page I’ve drawn (mostly) on my new Cintiq Companion Hybrid. I really, really dig it. Super stoked to be cranking out pages on this ish.

Going to try to finish a page this week (if the faaaaates allowwwwwww), but there’s a chance I’ll be busy drawing a holiday comic like that Chocolate Satan one. We’ll see!

In the meantime, everyone go buy Samurai Pizza Cats on DVD!