Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mermaid: Evolution — Page 5


Got a little ahead on pages this weekend to make up for last week’s involuntary dead air. If things look a little different it’s because I started doing entire strips on my iPad. I weirdly prefer it to scratching these out on my old Wacom, but there are some definite disadvantages so I may go back and forth between my two digi options. Or maybe I’ll start doing sidewalk chalk art in front of abandoned prisons and taking Polaroids and scanning them in, but oh man, Polaroids don’t scan well according to old magazine letter columns WHATAMIGONNADO?!!!!!!

Mermaid: Evolution — Page 3


Yo, somebody call Daryl Hannah, cuz this is a SPLASH page hahahahahahapleasenobodynoticethewindisblowinginoppositedirectionsinthissequence.

There’s only like one or two other full-page images like this, so don’t worry about having to put up with this pun again. Next time it’ll be a a Splash Too pun! Have you seen the box art for that VHS? Nothing I do in this comic will ever compare to that business.