Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mermaid: Evolution — Page 11


This page took me way longer to finish than I’d have liked, but here it is. It’s a sad one 🙁

Ziah Grace was nice enough to interview me about M:E this past week at Nerdcenaries, if you have a sec to check that out. I’m… uh… blaming my lateness on doing press. Yeah. It’s all your fault Ziah Grace! (I have only myself to blame)

I actually colored most of this page while watching the 2012 London Olympics synchronized diving events today. Holy smokes, 90% of NBC’s commentators are annoying dickwads. I’m going to try to crank out two entire pages this week while ignoring how awful these people are while genetically superior 15-year-olds from all over the world make me feel obsolete. INSPIRATION!

Mermaid: Evolution – Page 10


I’m more or less recovered from my trip to SDCC and back with a new page. Most of this page was done on my flights to and from San Diego. A nice older woman noticed what I was doing and asked me a bunch of questions about comics. She also told me about how happy she was that her first husband has been dead for years.

I hereby dedicate this page to Shitty Husband #1, may he enjoy The Afterworld. Life is much harder here.