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Mermaid: Evolution – Page 24


It’s been one week since I uploaded and man, for a second there I almost got that one Bare Naked Ladies song stuck in my head and that song is so annoying, even if it references Sailor Moon. They called it a “cartoon” in that song, man. If Freddie Prinze Jr. — arguably the coolest mofo of all time, and a personal hero of mine — can’t get away with calling the Mass Effect anime he lovingly gave his voice to a “cartoon,” those bros should be woken up from their sleep at night, dragged from their beds and likely pricey down comforters (you can tell they ain’t allergic to feathers) and maybe thrown into a cold swimming pool by the otaku crowd (don’t worry, they can swim, you can tell – look at those guys). Don’t mess with those kids/adults/old people/babies. I’m not an ageist. I know people like all kinds of stuff at all kinds of life stages! I’ve seen it IRL. UP CLOSE.

Such a touchy readership of two dozen you guys have grown to be.

Mermaid: Evolution – Page 23


I’m finally recovering from an awesome nine-day trip to Mexico. We stayed in Tulum and just chilled on the beach and saw some ruins and such. It was dope. People seemed to really dig serinas down there, so I’m full of inspiration and totally not Tequila, because that stuff just makes me super tired and inspiration makes me draw instead of having terrible falling dreams on a plane next to some old lady who is sweet but can’t figure out how to turn off her smartphone that some fool bought her to ruin her life.

I also drew you guys a post card using a photo I took with my phone, which you can see at my Tumblr. I’d just upload it here, but what do I look like? Your butler? Febreze your own laundry.