Monthly Archives: December 2012

Mermaid: Evolution – Page 27


I hope everyone is enjoying their Winter Holidays of choice. I’m back from Kansas City, where I spent a lot of time hugging pugs and helping babies hop around and play with toy cars. I’m slaying a massive cold, but hoping to resume a regular weekly posting schedule as soon as 2013 kicks off. There’s just about eight pages left, so expect an announcement about the MERMAID: EVOLUTION PRINT COMIC in February or thereabouts. It’ll stack “pages” and be bound like a traditional comic and include a bonus or two, probably. Not sure if I can get it printed on seaweed yet, but we’ll see.

Mermaid: Evolution – Page 26


A new page! Howzaboutdat?

The holiday seez has got me all distracted with its thisses and its thatsis. I’ll be slower than usual through the New Year, but don’t you worry your moderately attractive heads over it. There’s only, like, 6-7 pages left, so things are on track to wrap up by early February… IF YOU’RE LUCKY!

Once I get closer to the finale, I’ll text my three friends who like this strip’s thumbnails on my Instagram feed every week if they want a second arc (of a three-part thrillogy!) and if 2/3 concur, I’ll get to work on that.

Well, I say “work,” but you know what I mean.