Monthly Archives: March 2013

Mermaid: Evolution – Page 35


My initial ending for this thing was pretty final, but as I worked I decided I was having too much fun to stop and move on to my next project, man.

I’ll be printing Mermaid: Evolution Vol. 1 (which is a collection of all of these little strip deals stacked 2-per-page) in the next few weeks and uploading my revised cover here on the site in the coming days. I may have some  copies available online if peeps want ’em. I might also have some t-shirts. Your best bet, though, is to hit Planet Comicon in Kansas City on April 6-7, where I’ll have all of that biz, plus copies of Buster Moody, Ryan Hill and I’s Task Force Rad Squad #1.

So what’s next? After another week or so I should have the first strip up from M:E Vol. 2!!!!!!!!!!!! The format’s going to be a little more traditional, as well as the ambition behind my drawing/coloring. M:E started as a kind of stupid stoner gag comic thing, but I want to make it a more-fun-to-look-at gag comic, you know?

While all this stuff is going on, I’ll also be working on my new comic… Fantom Phighter! But more on that later.

Thanks for reading dudes. Stick with me, because I think you’ll dig where this is going.