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Mermaid: Revolution – Page 17

Mermaid Evolution Revolution Vol. 2 Page 17

Hey! I got to talk to Robot 6 this past week. Always an honor to chill on one of my favorite blogs.

Just a few months to go until Mermaid: Evolution Revolution Vol. 2 is out in print and available to b-b-buh-buh-BUY!

I’m still waiting on some details, but it looks like I’ll be tabling — along with my Task Force Rad Squad compadres Buster Moody and Ryan Hill — at a few cons in March, where we’ll be debuting a bunch of new comics.

Speaking of buying comics, you should preorder Down, Set, Fight: by buddy Chris Sims’ upcoming jam with co-writer Chad Bowers and artist Scott Kowalchuk from Oni Press. It’s pure dopeness. #nepotism