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Believe it or not, back in the early ’00s, I was a teen! As such, I had TEEN pastimes, like working for my high school newspaper. It was actually a class at school and not work like “I have a career and earn money and spend that money at high end casinos and now I’m so in debt but it’s the only thrill I have in this empty life, god, why can’t I stop?!” work.

Anyway, as you may have put together, I was not a news desk editor or even a star reporter so much as the only staffer who really liked to draw. So of course I had my very own comic strip! It was called “Falky.” He was a talking falcon.

Flash forward to 2015 where I’m a big time comics pro and I do work (but not, like “I have enough money to get in trouble with the people who own casinos,” work). My school paper wanted to interview me! HERE IS A LINK TO THAT INTERVIEW!

Thanks Olathe South!

Pages coming soon, I promise!