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マーメイド進化論 – Mermaid: Evolution at Comiket 90 in Tokyo!

Hold onto your butts — I’m tabling at Comiket 90 in Tokyo this August 14th!

You can find me at:

East hall PO-53b (日曜日 東ポ53b)

I’ve had the full Mermaid: Evolution thrillogy translated and collected it in a digest-sized TPB, which will be available for purchase at the show for ¥1000 (JPY). Its Japanese title? マーメイド進化論!

Comiket 90 Circle Mer-Bro

Just look at them!

Mermaid Evolution マーメイド進化論 Mermaid Evolution マーメイド進化論 manga


If I have any left after the show, they’ll be available online and at the rest of the cons I’m tabling at this fall (SPX and NYCC). Don’t worry, I’ll have an English version out as well in a few months!

Mermaid: Evolution – Page 23


I’m finally recovering from an awesome nine-day trip to Mexico. We stayed in Tulum and just chilled on the beach and saw some ruins and such. It was dope. People seemed to really dig serinas down there, so I’m full of inspiration and totally not Tequila, because that stuff just makes me super tired and inspiration makes me draw instead of having terrible falling dreams on a plane next to some old lady who is sweet but can’t figure out how to turn off her smartphone that some fool bought her to ruin her life.

I also drew you guys a post card using a photo I took with my phone, which you can see at my Tumblr. I’d just upload it here, but what do I look like? Your butler? Febreze your own laundry.