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The Story Continues In The New ‘2299’ Anthology

Mermaid Evolution 2299

The first page of M:E Vol. 3 won’t surface until September, but I’ve got good news to tide you over in the meantime… Mermaid: Evolution 2299!

It’s a four-page story set in the turbulent future of the Mer-verse, but all you really have to know is that there’s tons of neon. The awesome anthology curated and designed by my bud Dylan Todd features 10 other awesome stories by people who I’m proud to have work alongside. Here’s Dylan’s press release with alllll the deeeeets:

THE FUTURE IS NOW. 2299 Comics Anthology Launches With Tales Form The Future
Earth, July 14, 2014 AD
2299 is a sci-fi comics anthology of 11 stories set in the far future, all set in the far off year of – you guessed it – 2299. Equal parts 2000AD and Weird Science2299 is over 80 pages of thrills, chills, spills and, in the case of the mermaid story, gills.
Featuring over 80 pages of comics and art from creators Derek Charm (Powerpuff Girls, Trip Fantastic), Kevin Church (Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, Wander), Josh Krach (JLA, @FakeAPStylebook), Mathew Digges (Awesome Hospital), Kyle Starks(Sexcastle, The Legend of Ricky Thunder), Nolan T. Jones (House of Orr, SCAMthology), Timothy Weaver, Andrew Otis Weiss, Keith Pille, Jordan Witt, Carlos Aguilar, Caleb Goellner, Dylan Todd, Max Huffman, Max Bachhuber, Josh Trujillo, Lonku, and with a beautiful cover from Robert Wilson IV (Knuckleheads, Like A Virus).
The anthology can be purchased for the low, low price of $2 on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/l/2299comic
Welcome to the future, humanoid. Welcome to 2299.